Who says that video games can’t do good? This is my collection of news stories from around the Internet which reflect the positive side of gaming and how they contribute to society. If you have a link to add, please feel free to leave it in the comments below.

Let’s work together to change the bad rap that video games often receive in the media.


Video games ‘teach more than school’ -The Guardian


Video games find their political voice -BBC News


Video games blasting their way into classroom curriculum -MTV

Video games actually can be good for you -USA Today

Researchers tout positive effects of video games– MSNBC


Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii was released in the fourth quarter of 2006.

Video games gaining new respect as legitimate art form -Canada.com

New video game consoles add to mental exercise regimen -USA Today

Scientific group: video games would make excellent learning tools -Fox News

Video games can reshape education: U.S. scientists– CBC News


Video game playing surgeons score higher on skills test -CBC.ca

Action video games may boost vision -CBS News

Is that PS3 gonna help cure cancer? Actually, it could -MTV


The kids are all right: gamers well-adjusted, civic minded -Ars Technica

Video game helps young cancer patients take meds -Reuters Canada

Videogames: Why the Government should be educating, not ‘protecting’ -The Telegraph

Why educational video games should be part of every school’s curriculum -Digital Journal


How video games are good for the brain -Boston Globe

Video games are good for children – EU report – The Guardian

Video games in the classroom -CBS News

Microsoft explores learning link to video games -MSNBC


Action video games found to sharpen decision-making -CBS News

+1 to health: American Heart Association gives Nintendo stamp of approval -TIME

The positive effect of action video games: Speed of visual processing -Psychology Today

Video games boost visual skills, study finds -National Geographic

Learning by playing: Video games in the classroom -New York Times

Should math education be replaced by video games?– Technology Review

The positive effects of gaming on adolescents -1up.com

The social benefits of video gaming -Psychology Today

 Video games can teach positive lessons, too -Psychology Today


Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS was released in 2011.

Study links creativity to playing video games -PCMag

Video games may not make you fat after all– PCWorld

Video games aid learning -London Free Press

Smartphone and video games ‘help parents to bond with children’ -The Telegraph

Video game effects on kids: Not all black and white, expert argues -Science Daily

Carmack: Violent games have a potentially positive effect -Destructoid

Video games’ benefits go beyond fun -The Seattle Times

Video games improve adult ‘lazy eye,’ study suggests -Fox News

Supreme Court has ruled; Now games have a duty -New York Times

Video games help stroke patients: Study -London Free Press

SXSW 2011: Jane McGonigal on the beneficial effects of video games -The Telegraph

Study: Video games have positive effects on young girls -Digital Trends

A neurologist makes the case for the video game model as a learning tool -Edutopia

5 reasons why kids should play video games -Apartment Therapy

Consolidate your love of learning and gaming with these brain-building video games -Lifehacker


Video games helped Els eye victory -Canada.com

What are some kids’ video games that carry positive messages? -Globe and Mail

Can video games unite generations in learning? -Slate

How video games changed the world -Gamespot

Can video games fix childhood obesity? -Kotaku Australia

Why video games matter -IGN

When video games become a ‘lifeline’-MSNBC

PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita was released in 2012.

Can these video games help you make better choices? -Mashable

Video games help autistic students in classrooms -USA Today

Canadian startup Ayogo proves video games can be educational and healthy – yet still fun -Techvibes

Video games ‘more creative than reading’ -The Telegraph

The positive and negative effects of video gaming -Yahoo! Voices

Gaming is good for you (infographic) -Frugal Dad

This is your brain on video games (infographic) -Discovery.com

Games offer unique platform for education, social change -Deseret News

Northeastern professor talks video games at White House -News @ Northeastern

Games for change: Teaching with Portal, fixing brains with iPhone -Wired

Toronto’s ‘serious games’ help kids learn while they play -Toronto Star

Jane McGonigal: ‘A game saved my life’ -CNN.com

PlayStation Vita image: Tokyoship, Wikimedia Commons