Have you ever been told that video games and school just do not mix? Well high school teacher Paul Andersen is on a mission to prove naysayers wrong. In the amazing video below, Mr. Andersen describes how he recently ‘reinvented’ his classroom as a video game.

According to Mr. Andersen, video games provide an excellent blueprint for classroom learning because they:

  • make school fun.
  • engage students more actively in learning.
  • teach students that failure is OK.
  • encourage students to learn at their own pace.
  • help students find more real-world applications for what they learn in school.

Although he plans on making some improvements to his lessons (such as introducing more social interaction), Mr. Andersen reports that his students responded well to his unique curriculum because they found so many aspects of it familiar. To me, it’s no surprise that video games can be effective learning tools, especially for a generation which literally grew up gaming.

Check out the 11 minute video below to hear more about the benefits of video games in the classroom.