iPadThis article caught my attention this morning as it perfectly reflects the dissonance in the current tablet market. Mashable is reporting a rumor that Apple is plugging away on a smaller version of the iPad at the very same time that Amazon is working on a larger version of its Kindle Fire.

I’m not an iPad owner myself, but this rumor suggests that the standard 10.1 inch screen of the Apple tablet still leaves something to be desired. It’s no surprise that tablet devices are continuing to evolve as technology becomes more advanced. For example, Apple has already made significant improvements to the resolution and camera quality of their iPad.

With more and more options out there, tablet users need to start making some tough decisions about what they’re looking for in a device. At this point, the market seems split. While some users want larger screens for better visibility, others are looking for the sleekness and portability which a mini tablet could offer. This article published today by the Globe and Mail suggests that the smaller and more compact the device, the better it will align with the often utopian vision set out in science fiction.

But is it realistic, or even desirable, for our devices to be taken from the science fiction universe? While I’ll admit that sci-fi has given us some pretty neat ideas for new inventions, I also think it’s important for technology to develop at its own pace. We’re lucky enough to live during one of the most exciting and dynamic periods in history, and I’m afraid that using someone else’s blueprint for the future could interfere with our own creativity.  While there’s nothing wrong with taking our inspiration from fiction, I’m most looking forward to hearing about innovations which address the particular needs of our own society.