With online learning becoming a popular alternative to the classroom, new online resources seem to be popping up everywhere. Khan Academy logo

One of the original online learning sites, the Khan Academy, is still going stronger than ever. The Khan Academy hosts thousands of short video lessons on topics in math, science, the humanities and economics. It’s a great site for getting help on a difficult topic or even if you wanted to learn something new.

One great way for teachers to use sites like the Khan Academy is to “flip” their classroom and combine a face-to-face environment with online learning. Instead of using class time to lecture or teach new materials, teachers can assign video lessons for homework and use class time to help students with their homework. This format lets students learn on their own time and gives more access to the teacher when their needed.

So if you’re an educator and haven’t done so yet, try flipping your classroom and see if it works for you! You can check out Khan Academy on their official Web site.