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How Clean is Your Cloud? | Greenpeace International.

Today I have ‘pressed’ a study released yesterday by Greenpeace. It’s definitely worth a look, since I think the results really impact us all.  The study, called How Clean is Your Cloud? (love the name!), examines how eco-friendly cloud technology really is. Greenpeace has essentially assigned a grade to major companies such as Apple and Microsoft according to how environmentally conscious their technologies are.

What’s the future of cloud technology? Will it be clear skies, or will social media technology be choked by a thick pollutive smog of its own making? (pardon my terrible pun).

Apple has already responded to the report, and you can see here some of the measures they are taking to build more eco-friendly facilities. My first thought when reading this article was: can modern social media applications ever be totally eco-friendly? I mean, they have to rely on electricity to run, right? That’s why it’s important to understand that Greenpeace’s mission is not to eliminate cloud technology entirely, but to encourage companies to generate power using clean energy, not nuclear and coal.

The study is also intended to create awareness about the downsides of cloud technology for all users. I doubt the first thing you think when you reach for your iPhone in the morning is “nuclear technology” (unless you’re playing Missile Command), but the connection between our tiny mobile devices, and those big, bad nuclear plants, is actually quite real. Thank you, Greenpeace, for giving me something to think about.