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Edmonton mother and son play video games together, and write a book.

Ah yes. Video games and education. Two of my favourite topics combined into one. I believe I’ve posted some articles before on the benefits of video games for youngsters (at least on Twitter). It’s something I’ve suspected for a long time, since I grew up playing video games, and I swear it helped me learn to drive better.

I just love articles like this because they are based on actual, academic research. I feel like in many ways, word-of-mouth just isn’t going to cut it. Non-players are much more likely to believe in the benefits of gaming if there are statistics to back up the assertion. And here we have this lovely little article, from a Canadian paper no less!

It’s really interesting stuff, so give a read if you have a minute. I didn’t even realize that video games were used as therapeutic tools on such a wide scale. They have even been shown to help burn victims? That is really awesome. Too bad Katniss and company didn’t have access to a little Halo during their adventures in District 12! But in all seriousness, it’s great to see the psychological potential of video games being so fully explored. Kudos to Mr. Snyder. And his awesome mom.

I’ve just got to mention this here, because it’s another awesome post on the educational benefits of video games. Many of you have probably heard of Penelope Trunk, blogger extraordinaire over at She has young children, and is a huge advocate of video games as a learning tool. Check out her really interesting article here which discusses the advantages of having ‘free’ game time for kids.