One of the main problems I have with Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest is that there are just so many cool posts to choose from. It’s so hard to select what to post! From delicious food, to quirky jewellery, to interesting theories and ideas– there’s so much out there that it takes me forever to sift through it all.

It’s like looking at a beautiful painting. I can never predict where my eyes are going to land, and I can literally spend hours staring at it.

So, in an effort to organize my interests more effectively I have:

a) FINALLY signed up for Pinterest. So instead of stalking everyone else’s beautiful photos of cupcakes and crafts, I can finally create my own page.

b) Committed myself to posting one “Press This!” each day (Tuesday-Friday) this week.

Press This is something I’ve been meaning to try out for a while now. This will be my first time using it, so bear with me as I try to figure it out. If you’re interested in doing your own Press This on WordPress, check out these handy instructions. Basically, you simply need to click and drag the Press This button onto your tool bar. Then, when you find a webpage that interests you, you simply hit the Press This button, and your browser immediately generates a blog post with the link of the webpage embedded in it.

I see Press This as not only a way to share cool posts with other bloggers, but as a way of organizing my likes and dislikes. I tend to use the Bookmark function on my browser pretty liberally, but since I’ve been using this same computer for going on three years, my Bookmark list has become a bit monstrous. Seriously, the other day I think I heard it grumbling to be fed or something.

So, in the spirit of spring cleaning and in preparation for the imminent purchase of a new computer (insert excited cheer here!), I will try using Press This as a different way of categorizing my interests.

And now for the first post (which, ironically, will actually appear above this one on the blog!). Drumroll please!!

Updated: Here’s my list of Press This! posts from this week:

Tuesday: Edmonton mother and son play video games together, and write a book- Edmonton Journal

Wednesday: How Clean is Your Cloud?- Greenpeace International

Thursday: 9 Bargain-Bin Gadgets for the Struggling 99 Percent-

Friday: Touring the Louvre with a 3DS- Joystiq