Has anyone had the opportunity to play the Drawsome Tablet game? I was browsing through Wii’s list of titles this afternoon, and it caught my eye since the design of the tablet looked so similar to the Wii U. With an 8.5 inch screen, the device is certainly larger than the Wii U controller prototype. Nonetheless, it seems to share many features with the Nintendo console, such as a touchscreen, a wireless stylus, and the ability to transfer images you’ve created on the tablet to the television screen.

Ubisoft seems to have designed the Drawsome for burgeoning art students to practice their sketching skills. Nintendo’s presentation last spring on the Wii U highlighted a similar feature. Drawsome comes equipped with games, and by the looks of the trailer (embedded below), the tablet even supports multiplayer mode, with additional players using the class Wii remote as their controller. This looks a lot like the style of play highlighted in the E3 demo sessions last spring.

Are we seeing an early incarnation of Wii U gameplay with the Drawsome tablet? I’ve embedded the trailer for the game below. Starting at around 0:43, you can get a glimpse of multiplayer for the Drawsome.

Now here’s the official E3 trailer for the Wii U. Notice the similarities? Check out the drawing feature at 0:34.

Now here’s a clip featuring multiplayer on the Wii U. You’ll notice that additional players need to use the Wii remote, just as with the Drawsome tablet.

There are obvious differences between the Wii U and Drawsome tablet, but I was surprised to see a Wii title released so recently which fundamentally resembles the new console. Hopefully, the Drawsome tablet has the potential to pique public interest in gaming tablets before the Wii U’s official release. If the new sales reports on the 3DS are any indication, it appears as though Nintendo’s financial fortunes may finally be improving. Let’s hope their creative vision stays just as strong.