It seems like only yesterday that I was proclaiming the arrival of the Pumpkin Spice Latte in the corner coffee shop. Lo and behold, suddenly Holiday drinks are upon us at Starbucks and other fine coffee retailers!

The start of the holiday shopping season means great things for gamers, including a whole new round of commercials for games slated for a December release. Browsing Youtube the other day, I came across a few commercial ‘gems’ from years past which I couldn’t wait to share.

The first commercial actually aired before I was born. The old-school television in the living room, however, looks remarkably like the one I first played Super Mario Bros on as a kid.

Next we have a tongue-in-cheek commercial from Gamestop. I actually quite enjoy this one.

The next one is a commercial I remember well from Gameboy. ‘Old people’ playing games was obviously supposed to be a humorous set-up . I wonder how the brains behind this commercial would feel now, given that the Entertainment Software Association has determined the average age of gamers to be 37.

Lastly, a very clever commercial for the DSi XL from last year. I don’t remember seeing this one on tv…maybe it only played in the US?

These are just a few of my picks of holiday commercials from years past. Can anyone recall any other gaming commercials which were particularly memorable?