I love to peruse national and international news outlets for stories on gaming and digital media, and I thought I’d begin sharing some of my best ‘finds’ on a more weekly basis. So I’m starting a ‘Weekly Newsroom’ feature where I will link one article which I think should interest most readers on this blog.

This week I’m looking at an article from a home-grown paper (at least for me): the Montreal Gazette. The article, which can be viewed here, suggests that hardcore gamers possess a lower opinion of their parents than children who do not game frequently. In a study conducted by the University of Michigan, gamers consistently opined that their parents “nagged a lot or did not provide adequate supervision.”

This is an interesting article in that it does not place the blame for children’s gaming habits squarely on their parents’ shoulders. As the author states, “the researchers…do not conclude that parenting styles are a direct cause of kids playing video games so much.” Nonetheless, according to the article, many hardcore gamers do appear to possess “poor” relationships with their parents.

So how can this situation be improved? According to the article’s consultants, this can be done by building more “positive relationships” between parents and children. Interestingly, this suggestion is never really explained in much detail. But it’s still clear that this article will give parents of gamers– especially those who worry that their children’s gaming habits are ‘excessive’– some real food for thought.

If you’ve had a chance to read the article, what’s your opinion on the results of the study? Do you think it will be received positively, or negatively, by the gaming world?