A Perfect Combo: The newly released soundtrack with the Nintendo 3DS.

I was extremely excited this afternoon to discover that my copy of this fantastic soundtrack had finally arrived in my mailbox. I received the soundtrack for free through Nintendo’s exclusive offer to those who purchased the Ocarina of Time 3D game. It was a limited time offer, which makes me even more thrilled to own a copy.

So what does the soundtrack offer for Zelda fans? Essentially, it contains the in-game music for every zone of the game. Players are treated to familiar renditions of the theme from LonLon Ranch, Kakariko Village, Zora’s domain, and the Forest Temple, among others. While it is always pleasant to listen to the more famous tracks from the game (Zelda’s theme, for example), I was equally thrilled by such lesser known tracks as Kotake & Koume’s Theme (Track #45).

Not surprisingly, the track listing reflects the general progression of the game’s storyline. Roughly the first half of the CD is dedicated to Link’s  journey before he receives the Master Sword, with the second half of the CD dedicated to Link’s journey as an adult. The result is a delightful mix of full-length tracks, as well as shorter ditties, such as ‘Fairy Flying’ (Track #3). Most tracks are under three minutes long, and many are under a minute, but with 51 tracks in total on the CD, the soundtrack rounds out at 76 minutes long.

The CD is accompanied by a lovely, colourful sleeve.

For players who have not yet experienced the 3D version of the game: don’t fret. You will still fully enjoy this soundtrack, since the music from the original 1998 game is virtually identical to the 3DS version. The most notable addition to the traditional canon of Ocarina of Time music is Track #51, which is an orchestral medley of the game’s most famous themes (take a listen below!). At only 2:36 long, I sincerely wish this track was much longer. The vibrant swells of the medley provide a (promising) taste of things to come in The Legend of Zelda’s 25th Anniversary Concert series, which will begin touring later this year.

Fans of the franchise will find the soundtrack a thoroughly enjoyable addition to their music collection. With its short, playful tracks, I would also recommend this CD to anyone who enjoys video game music, even if they are not intimately familiar with Ocarina of Time.

Happy listening!!