I’ve recently become addicted to Nile Spice couscous cups, and in an effort to justify my addiction, I’ve been doing some research on carbohydrates and brain function. As it turns out, carbs have the potential to significantly improve productivity, which probably explains why I always experience the most intense cravings during a bout of writer’s block.

Since gaming also requires a lot of mental concentration, I thought it would be interesting to explore the connection between video games and neurological activity. As it turns out, not only do video games have the ability to improve our mental function, but eating the right foods while gaming can actually further boost our cognition and concentration. The ‘right’ foods include:

1) Fish: Contains omega-3 fatty acids which improve memory and learning.

My Recipe Suggestion: Fish Tacos. This flavourful meal is portable, fun and affordable . Check out chef Bobby Flay’s recipe here.

2) Blueberries: A great source of antioxidants, these delicious berries will help improve concentration.

My Recipe Suggestion: Blueberry tart. Just looking at this picture has my mouth watering. Or you can always eat raw blueberries out of a bowl, which is what I tend to do if I’m playing WoW over a period of a few hours.

3) Eggs: Contains choline, which is really important to overall brain function, and can also improve your eyesight.

My Recipe Suggestion: This asparagus frittata, which I’ve made multiple times as a quick dinner. It’s really delicious, and great with cheese grated on top.

I’ve shared my suggestions for ‘brain-friendly’ foods, now how about you? Has a particularly scrumptious recipe ever boosted your gaming success? Or is the ‘classic’ gamer’s menu of a bag of potato chips sufficient enough to ensure maximum productivity?