Video & Arcade Top 10

Any other Canadians out there remember this gem of a show, which aired on YTV from 1991-2004?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Video & Arcade Top 10, let me share the details about this gloriously cheesy program. Basically, it was a ‘competition’ show featuring the latest games and consoles. Young competitors raced to earn ‘points’ by achieving specific milestones in gameplay (ie. acquiring a special weapon, or reaching a certain level). Whoever achieved the most points at the end of show was awarded a prize, which could be anything from a console to a restaurant gift certificate.

Keep in mind that in the mid-90s, the internet had not yet become the go-to source for video game news, so a show like this was a gaming mecca.  Canadian children saw the hosts of Video & Arcade Top 10 as pseudo-prophets, delivering the latest cheats and codes for their favourite gaming titles.

The quality of the video is a little fuzzy, but check out a clip of the show above. I’m sure that an American equivalent of this show must have aired in the 90s. Anyone out there care to enlighten me?