Unless you have been living under a rock these past few weeks, you’re probably aware that Prince William and Duchess Kate have recently descended upon the fair Americas, bringing their characteristic English charm across the pond. The media has been eagerly tracking their every movement, waiting to catch a candid glimpse into the lives of royalty’s newest couple. With all the hooplah surrounding their visit, I thought it was high time that we looked into the virtual world’s own bevy of royalty to see how the virtual monarchs stack up against Wills and Kate.

Given the limitations placed on story development, video game characters often appear bland and one-dimensional. But surprisingly, there’s enough variety in the world of virtual monarchs to flush out many of modern royalty’s flamboyant personalities. So which character best embodies each member of the royal family? Let’s take a look!

Prince William: King Varian Wrynn, World of Warcraft

As the young, handsome prince of Stormwind, Varian rules his kingdom with his heart on his sleeve. He shares the same tragic family history as Prince William, and this has made him wise and erudite. Never one to admit defeat, Varian is not afraid to go head-to-head with Thrall his critics. With his obvious charisma and rugged good looks, this King of Stormwind demonstrates a believable likeness to Britain’s young prince..as long as you’re willing to ignore that whole Lo’Gosh thing.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge: Princess Peach, Mario Series

Like Duchess Kate, she’s absolutely a fashion trendsetter. Ever seen the tv show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding? I think it stands to reason that Peach inspired most, if not all, of those voluminous, pink wedding gowns. Peach expertly plays the role of noble aristocrat, but isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, when necessary. Remember the way she yielded that frying pan in Super Mario RPG? Or her serious cake-baking skills in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door? Yikes. This is one princess who definitely knows her way around the kitchen.

Pippa Middleton: Princess Daisy, Mario Series

To be fair, Pippa Middleton isn’t exactly royalty, but she’s linked so frequently to the royal family that it only seemed fair to include her. Plus, she has the perfect video game incarnation. Daisy resembles Pippa on so many levels– she’s impeccably stylish, dark-haired, but always a little less newsworthy than Princess Peach. With such class and refinement, however, it’s hard to ignore this media darling, and like Princess Daisy, we hope we haven’t seen the last of Pippa’s tremendous panache.

Prince Charles and Camilla: King and Queen Nimbus, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Like Prince Charles and Camilla, this couple typically enjoys a smaller profile than some of Nintendo’s other monarchs, but that doesn`t make them any less interesting. While they may appear traditional and conservative, the King and Queen of Nimbus Land can also be surprisingly progressive. They give their blessing to their son, Prince Mallow, to venture on new and exciting adventures away from home, and seem smitten with out-of-town adventurers like Mario and Geno. Similar to Charles and Camilla, this royal couple is aware that times are changing, and they aren`t afraid to embrace new trends. And if that doesn`t scream `modern royalty,` then I don`t know what does.

Prince Harry: King Boo, Mario Series

Now hear me out on this one. Like Boo, Harry continues to remain somewhat of an enigma. He is in and out of the mainstream press, and with each new appearance, he appears reinvented. Once a fan of partying, Harry appeared calm and reserved during the royal nuptials, the perfect rock for a jittery William on his wedding day. With such a penchant for reincarnation, this dark horse seems poised for a boo-tiful future.